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Free Crossword Puzzles

A great start of the day is a nice hot or iced cup of coffee or tea and a challenging but fun crossword puzzle. With free crossword puzzles, anyone can join in the fun! From a daily one to choose from to newspaper crosswords, sit back and relax and enjoy this great way to become mentally alert in the morning, afternoon, or night. They can be done online or printed out and done while at work or sitting at your favorite restaurant.

With these free online crossword puzzles, you can also create your&nb...

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Crossword Puzzles for Children and Parents

Whether or not you're already a fan of crossword puzzles, there's plenty of reasons why adding them to your daily routine is a great idea. Daily crossword time can provide important benefits for both adults and children. Here are some of the reasons why.

Why crosswords are good for parents When you play a crossword puzzle, you're giving your mind a workout. As with physical exercise, the benefits of mental exertion increase with daily repetition. The mental exercise of a crossword puzzle gets your creative juices flowing. Now, this only works if the puzzle is difficult...

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Types of Online Word Puzzles

When you choose to work on virtual crossword puzzles online, you have many choices when it comes to selecting online word puzzles, regardless of your skill level and experience. There are mind teasers that do not include the proper answers as well as traditional virtual crossword puzzles available that allow you to view the proper answers once you have completed the puzzle. Using crossword puzzles online will eliminate the need to purchase crossword books. If you prefer to print your crossword puzzles to work on with a real writing utensil, you can opt to use pri...

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How to Find Free Crossword Puzzle Games Online

Crossword puzzle games have been around for centuries, challenging the mind while learning about new subjects simultaneously. If you are an avid crossword puzzle player and you want to find additional puzzles without purchasing new crossword books, it is possible to search for crossword puzzle games online right from home. Finding free puzzle games online has never been easier and only takes a few minutes to get started!

Finding crossword puzzle games online is possible by searching for specific puzzle types based on your interests and the subjects you know most a...

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How to Make a Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzles are a great, entertaining game that anyone can enjoy.

People can also create their very own themed crossword puzzles to share with their friends and family. There are many websites that offer users the ability to play themed crosswords along with the option of creating a free crossword puzzle online. If the person would like to do this, they by all means may go ahead. However, making a crossword puzzle is very simple and only requires some paper, pen or pencil, ruler and a black marker.  To make a crossword puzzle, the first thing...

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Free Crosswords and Puzzle Games

Whether you need an activity for school or you just want to spend some down time keeping your mind sharp. offers a wide range of options and settings to allow you to get comfortable and have some fun with these brain teasers.

The best part about it is everything is completely free. There are many general and themed free crossword puzzles that are suited for both kids and adults. Furthermore, the crossword puzzles can be filled o...

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Finding the Right Crossword Puzzle for You

Finding the right crossword puzzle for you is easy.

We provide word puzzles from all types of categories to help ensure that there is a puzzle for everyone. You will be able to find puzzles on sports, movies, television shows, celebrities, books, magazines, and religion.

Adding to the categories are educational puzzles that come in different school subjects and even different languages. There are mathematical and scientific puzzles to help keep your mind sharp.You can find crossword puzzles based off of major holidays such as Christmas, Hallow...

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